Jim’s Golden Rules

Negotiating a New Offer: The Salary Tutor Game Plan

Looking to negotiate a NEW job offer? View Salary Tutor’s 6-step overview for negotiating a top salary for the job you want. Read more

Negotiating a Raise: The Salary Tutor Game Plan

Looking for a raise or promotion at your current job? View Salary Tutor’s 6-step overview for negotiating salary for a NEW job offer. Read more

How to Bypass the “Desired Salary” Field on Online Job Applications

There’s one barrier that consistently stands in the way of a higher salary: The dreaded “Salary Expectations” question. Read more

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Wait For It… Why the Job Search Process Takes So Long

Yes, the interview process and getting a final offer takes FOREVER. It’s not just you. Here are 3 ways to deal with the long job interview process. Read more

The Simple Sentence You Need To Say at the End of Your Interview To Make Your Job Search Less Stressful

Job hunting can take a long time and be super stressful. But I’ve found a simple phrase that can help ease the stress of “I’m still waiting to hear back.” Read more

My #1 Piece of Job Search Advice

The job search is a rollercoaster. Hang on tight. Read more

10 Salary Negotiation Myths

Many people play up salary negotiation as some kind of mythical exploit, but if you avoid these falsehoods you can succeed. Read more

Laid Off

Laid off: The First 6 Things You Need To Do

Losing your job can be a traumatic experience. What you do in the first 60 minutes can have a huge effect on how you handle it. Read more

Negotiation Tactics and Techniques

How To Use Body Language Secrets When Negotiating Your Salary

Jim teams up with Body Language expert Vanessa Van Edwards to show you tips you can use when negotiating in this video and article. Read more

How To Use LinkedIn + Data Science To Hack a Company’s Org Chart

Prepare for your interview like a business analyst by using LinkedIn public data to increase your title and salary. Read more

5 Design Tips To Set You Apart, Land a Job, and Get Paid

Why is it that great design still seems to be in the dark ages when it comes to job-hunting? Here’s how you can stand out. Read more

5 Tips to Overcome Anxiety in Negotiating

Negotiating can be intimidating and uncomfortable. However, overcoming anxiety can lead to greater income and job satisfaction. Read more

The Value of Trick Job Interview Questions

Are you prepared to answer a non-standard question during an interview? Find out what the Muppets and Google have in common. Read more

Some people approach getting a job as if they were in a zombie movie. Why that’s a bad idea. Read more

Can a Single Bullet Point (About Alligators) Get You a Better Salary?

As you progress throughout your career, your goal should be to accumulate the best possible bullet points under each category. Read more

Five Expert Tips to Accelerate Your Networking

Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. It’s a vitally important skill for job seekers. Here are 5 expert tips. Read more

Network Your Way To Success

Building a well-connected network takes time and effort, but if you have fun along the way, it could make your life a lot easier. Read more

Tis the Season

5 Ways To Advance Your Career During Summer

If you just exchanged your snowsuit for your swimsuit, here are 5 tips to maintain your good standing at work while maintaining your tan. Read more

Ask for a Raise at the end of the year

End of the Year: Is There Still Time To Ask For That Raise?

With holiday activities looming in November and December, it’s not too late to ask for that raise and have some extra cash. Read more

December Push: Finish Strong, Reap the Benefits All Year Long

It’s easy to see December as a forgotten month, but before you put on your Santa hat, cross off a few things on your wishlist and propel your career forward. Read more

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