My #1 Piece of Job Search Advice


Searching for a job can be stressful. If unemployment continues for months, not only does it take a toll on your bank account, but also your self-esteem, confidence, and relationships.

Like most people, over my lifetime I’ve experienced job loss for myself, close family members, friends, and colleagues. Based on my experience, I usually offer this piece of advice:

Don’t get too high when things look good, don’t get too low when things don’t go your way.

Too simple? Perhaps. But conducting a job search is like riding a rollercoaster, only without being able to even see when the peaks and valleys are approaching.

Some weeks are awful

  • You send out a dozen resumes and don’t get a single response
  • You make it to the final round of an interview, only to have the company give the job to someone else
  • You’re watching every dollar, and then find out your car needs costly repairs
  • It seems like the world is out to get you

Other weeks are full of optimism

  • You apply to your dream job and they want to bring you in for an interview
  • At a networking event, you connect with three different people with job openings
  • You rock a phone interview and they now want to meet in person
  • Everything is coming up roses

It’s easier said than done, but avoid the tendency to get caught up in every high and low.

Your hard work pays off with an interview at a great company? Resist posting it on Facebook and telling every family member about the progress of your search right away. Although it feels good to talk about a small win, keep things in perspective, to avoid feeling even worse if it doesn’t work out.

Likewise, try and temper the doom and gloom when things aren’t going your way.

The job search is a rollercoaster. Hang on tight.