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In all cases, every attempt has been used to secure fully licensed photos with full permission. Did we miss one or would you like something removed or noted? No problem, email me.

  • Any photos and videos of Jim Hopkinson himself are copyright Hopkinson Creative Media, LLC
  • Jim’s official press photos are by Diana Levine,
  • Any photos and videos of Jim and other actors/actresses in salary negotiation scenarios are from Jim’s online negotiation courses, and are used with permission, copyright Hopkinson Creative Media, LLC
  • Website design and all design elements by Roland Mangahas, copyright Hopkinson Creative Media, LLC
  • The following customer images and testimonials are real, and are used with the express permission of their owner: Kendra, Christine, Taylor, Rebecca, Emily, Leslie, Sarah, Kathleen, Patricia, and Radost
  • Photos and testimonials for online courses are used from public profiles on my courses
  • Certain photos are used from the license-free site,
  • The following case study photos are via under the license: Commercial Use and Modifications Allowed; case studies and numbers are real but names have been changed (Name on site, Flickr source)

    Divya Shah, Bold Content
    Rebecca Andrews, Francisco Osorio
    Caroline Stafford, Ryan Harvey
    Marcy Smith, Marius Brede
    Jeff Simons, Wade Armstrong
    Christine Ramirez, BigD2112
    Steve Quinn, Michael Cote
    Man searching online form, William Brawley
    Christmas Lights Blurred, Dominick
    Calendar Image, Dafne Cholet
    B&W People Waiting In Line, public domain /
    Bored Dog, Josh
    Young Girl Riding Bike, Eli Christman