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Personal 1:1 Salary Negotiation Consulting

Work directly with Jim to prepare for that crucial job interview or performance review.

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Advantages of Personal Coaching:

  • Valuable advice, customized just for you – Sure, you can read that “5 crazy negotiating tips” blog post, but your case is different: You have a difficult boss, work at a non-profit, or are just out of school. Get advice for your situation.
  • Experience matters – Before you even start negotiating, you’re at a disadvantage because the “Evil HR Person” does this for a living. Hiring me evens the playing field.
  • Role-playing – Like an athlete hiring a sports psychologist, we’ll role-play your negotiation to prepare for the unexpected and visualize a winning scenario.
  • Custom documents – Clients receive my customizable salary negotiation documents, a secret weapon that you can use to prove your worth.
  • Massive Return On Investment – A successful negotiation can return 10x, 50x, even 100x your investment. The average raise for surveyed students was $5,238 — and 9 of 10 earned $10,000+. Invest in yourself. It works.

Jim chats with a student about negotiation after a presentation.

What it’s like working with Jim:

  • Purpose – I teach amazing people how to overcome fear, gain confidence, and negotiate their salary so that they can live a more fulfilling life. View my Purpose page.
  • My pledge – From our first contact until the moment you jubilantly call with a success story, I want to be the easiest and friendliest person to work with.
  • Stress-free – Job searching can be frustrating and lonely; negotiation can feel stressful. I’ll be in your corner to listen, bring clarity, and ease your fears.
  • Confidential – Sharing personal financial information requires trust. I place the highest importance on protecting your privacy.
  • Fun and energetic – Landing your dream job and earning more should be fun! My speaking style has been called “audible caffeine” and I’m told “I light up a room.”



  • All I can say is you NEED Jim in your lifeI came across an article of Jim’s that linked to and the rest is history. I have learned so much from him. I was able to determine my value and experience what that worth means to the workplace. I confidently negotiated my salary and now have a whole new level of confidence! I never knew salary negotiation was a skill that could be learned… until now. Jim is very helpful, funny, and willing to help however he can. Thank you Jim for everything you have done!
    – Christine Farris, Denver, CO
  • taylor-testimonial

  • One of the most amazing professionals I have ever hired“I hired Jim to help me navigate my salary negotiation and how to have that dreaded and uncomfortable conversation. He is a true superstar, and could not have been more helpful, from sending me articles and documents to educate myself, to always responding to my messages in a timely fashion, to making me laugh in very stressful situations. He is knowledgeable, professional, and a great person to have on your team! If you’re considering working with Jim, I would be happy to tell you more about my fabulous experience”
    – Taylor Zansberg, Durham, NC
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A Skype video call is often the best way to do a 1:1 call. (Photo by Diana Levine)

Choose a package that’s right for you:

  • Package 1: Digital Salary Coach If you prefer to work solo, check out my affordable online courses. It’s the next best thing to me being there.
    Package includes:
    – Online video instruction with lectures, scenarios, and case studies from Jim
    – Got a quick question? Don’t worry. You can shoot me an email.
  • Package 2: Negotiation Power Hour Go from negotiation newbie to a confident, knowledgeable pro… with a few tricks up your sleeve. You’ll discover what you’re worth, learn exactly what to say, and get the game plan to earn what you’re worth.
    Package includes:
    – 60-minute Negotiation Power Hour call with Jim via phone or Skype
    – Summarized action plan emailed within 24 hours
    – Lifetime access to all online negotiation courses ($249 value)
    – QuickTip email support throughout the interview process
  • Package 3: New Economy Makeover The complete package for professionals or students job searching in the new economy. We’ll amp up your online presence, target your dream job, and negotiate a top salary.
    Package includes:
    – All features from the Negotiation Power Hour
    – Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn audit
    – Creation of a strategic personal brand, including personal website, graphical resume, business cards, custom domain name, and Twitter account.

    Contact Jim for a free 15 minute consultation


  • $11,000 Increase with One Email“Hi Jim. Thank you so much for all your help with the salary consulting call. I learned so much in just one session. I sent my counter-offer based on your recommended structure, and just received their reply. They increased their offer from $41,000 to $52,000 — an $11,000 raise from just one email! I am now so excited to begin this new stage of my career, and feel so much better about the move knowing that I’ll have almost another $1,000 per month for expenses. Thanks again.”
    – V.D., San Francisco, CA
  • $10,000 Increase for my Dream Job“Hi Jim. I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my negotiation! I wanted to let you know that the company increased the salary by $10,000, will allow me to work remotely for the next 15 months, and my first round of stock vests in a year. The best part is that I truly believe I have found my dream job!”
    – M.S., Santa Barbara, CA
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