Women in Cable Telecommunications Presentation

Thank you for attending the Salary Tutor negotiation session for the WICT in Washington, DC

At left: Example of a salary analysis chart, which I spoke about during the presentation, and can be created to bring to an interview. Click to enlarge.

Tip: Research your market value on sites such as salary.com, payscale.com, or glassdoor.com.

Salary Tutor by Jim Hopkinson
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Personal 1 on 1 Salary Consulting
No matter how much reading and preparing you do by yourself, sometimes you just need to talk to an expert. 1:1 consulting has three advantages:

1) Custom advice. Whether it’s going for a raise with a difficult boss or navigating a new offer, you’ll know precisely what to do for YOUR situation.
2) Interactive role-playing. Simulate being live at your negotiation, letting you experience the way the conversation will go in order to expect and produce a winning scenario.
3) Custom document. Receive my customizable salary negotiation document.
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