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Testimonials for Salary Tutor Book

I can’t tell you what it honor it is to have a book published. The entire staff at Hachette / Grand Central Publishing were such a pleasure to work with (High five for the ebook launch!).

Thanks so much to all the readers out there!

Note: Real names and stories are used when reviews are public, such as on Amazon. Initials used when privacy requested. All salary information is accurate, but review may be edited for length.

$10,000 in raises, bonuses, and vacation… I’ve purchased the book NINE times!

From improving your interview skills to negotiating salary to even evaluating your own strengths and assets, Salary Tutor is your best tool on the road to success. My husband and I came across the book after reading a WSJ article that featured negotiation tactics from the book. With our interests piqued, we purchased the book the same day. This was the best purchase I could have made to positively effect my career.

Result: I created my IRS document and prepared a few “right back at you” statements. Long story short, I negotiated a $7,000 increase in base, $3,000 in bonus, an extra week vacation, and a later start date.

My husband experienced a similar situation. By using the same tips, he negotiated an additional $10,000 on top of his base salary and a more lucrative end of the year bonus structure.

Since our success, we have purchased this book over nine times for friends and family. Thank you to Jim for helping people everywhere learn their value and more importantly, commanding that value in dollars from companies. The lessons we learned are invaluable to our careers and life goals.
— Kendra C

$25,000 raise

All I can say is THANK YOU! I bought your book, read it, did my research and presented my case to my prospective employer with confidence — no anger, pleading, begging — and they offered me $25k more than they initially offered! This is the first time in a very long career that I have ever presented a counter-offer, yet I understand this is pretty standard for a woman.

Thank you for telling me I deserve to make what I know I am worth. I will be sharing your site and where to purchase your book with everyone I know. Thank you so much. Where have you been all my life???
— S.E., via email

I’ve been referencing this guide for years

When the vital [negotiation] moment was upon me and my mind was racing, it was extremely helpful to know that there was just one place I needed to go to organize my thoughts and create a strategy from a position of strength, clarity and confidence. The price of the book is a small price to pay for peace of mind, and I know I’ll be referencing this book for the rest of my professional life.
— Sylvie

Held my ground and got a $13,500 increase

My contract at work was up and at first my manager offered me an extension with no increase in salary. I told him that I haven’t had a raise in 3 years and won’t sign the extension until we address this issue. He said he would look into it. Meanwhile I stumbled upon your website and purchased your book. I read it in one sitting and started doing my research.

Two weeks later, my boss came back to me with a 10% raise and title change. Great right? Well, my salary was at $71,500 and the raise would put me at $77,500. But because I did my research, I found out that the average salary for my position is $85,000.

So here is how the conversation went:

Boss: I think you will be pleased. What do you think about a $7,000 increase?
Me: To be honest, I was expecting a little bit more.
Boss: 10% is a great increase
Me: (Extremely nervous and shaking) I agree and greatly appreciate that offer. But let me show you the information that I found. (Information presented).
Boss: I understand, but I don’t think HR will go any higher.
Me: (Long silent pause)
Boss: I tell you what, send me that info in an email and I will go back to HR with a request for $85k.

Result: One week later I signed a contract for $85k, for an overall increase of $13,500. Thanks to your book — a $10 purchase — I got a nearly 19% pay raise and title change. If these negotiations would have happened 8 months ago, I probably would have just accepted the 10% increase.
— S.W. via email

Wonderful Negotiation Tools

This book truly can help you make thousands in seconds. As a freelancer I am constantly negotiating rates and fees. The simple steps outlined have helped to keep me in control and calm during these normally tense and awkward negotiations.

Jim’s approach is straightforward and really works. What I really love about the techniques outlined are how they are easily applicable in other areas of negotiation as well. I highly recommend reading this book even if you are not expecting to discuss salary anytime soon.
— David C

One of a Kind

Knowing that it’s okay to bring up the topic of negotiating a salary when speaking with potential employers is one thing, but having the knowledge of how to go about doing so makes it a much more comfortable and easier process. As a soon-to-be graduating college student, Salary Tutor was exactly what I needed.

The book is filled not only with great advice but with real life examples that helped me to understand what works well and how to approach certain situations. In addition, the pictures and funny comments here and there that make it an easy and entertaining, yet informative read.
— Katie C

2 Hours of Practical, Powerful Negotiation Tips

( review)
I couldn’t get the ebook version from where I live, but was glad I found the audiobook version instead. Hearing Jim’s actual voice and natural way of presenting his ideas made it more realistic and comfortable for me to think about salary negotiation.

Love the tips, especially the ones based on FBI negotiating techniques. It’s almost like he’s written the script, and it’s just up to you to do your homework and say your lines. Highly recommended.
— Celine (Marikina City, Philippines)

Priceless advice

Hey Jim, thank you for responding. Due to the economy and the need for your book, I actually thought I would have had a better chance getting a reply from President Obama himself!

I rushed reading your book because I had a phone interview yesterday. I spent 10 hours researching interview questions on Doing my research I made a few side notes pertaining to salary just as you advised in the book. All I have to say is “WOW, your advice is priceless.”

During my interview the “evil recruiter lady” asked what is my current salary. I had to put my new skill set of negotiating to use, so I replied just as you advised by not giving a number and ending with “can you give me the range that you were looking for?” We did this repetition 3 times. She became frustrated and said that she needs to know how much I’m making before we can move forward.

I told her the high end of the salary that my research concluded. She then asked me how much do I want to make. I politely replied that “it is negotiable.” She said ok and continued with the interview. I was prepared and I did everything I could. I felt a bit powerful.
— RC, via email

A must read for anyone that works

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The ideas and concepts in this book are simple once you hear it. I found several a-ha moments while listening to the book. This book will help better prepare you for a job interview. Going in armed with what Jim Hopkinson teaches you should impress the employer.

I almost felt like I wish I was going in for an interview so I could try this out. My wife will use what she learned and I know she will get the job. Can’t wait for the next book. Thank You.
— Kurt

Wealth of knowledge

Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge in the audio book. It is very comprehensible, straight-forward and will certainly bring great value to my negotiations.

— Susanne H, Switzerland, via email

A helpful treasure

Your book changed the way I feel about all negotiations, not just salary ones. I have worked the past fourteen years at the same company, and have been promoted along the way but never did the negotiating I should have … I didn’t know I could!

Armed with the information from your book, and with my web research, I went to my yearly review prepared to discuss my concerns at being right next to the lowest salary point in the marketplace, though I have more additional responsibilities than others in my profession.

I was able to use the silence technique to allow my boss to respond to my concerns… I never would have even brought up my salary had I not read your book. I have confidence I can use the techniques in your book, so I will always be prepared to give salary negotiation my best efforts.

Thank you for writing such a helpful treasure.
R.D., via email