Host a Salary Salon!

Salary Salon by Jim Hopkinson

What is a Salary Salon?
This event is a fun, entertaining, and informative gathering of cool people.

It started when I taught a class and afterwards I ended up in a long conversation with one of my students, Roseanne Malfucci. She told me, “Wow, this session was so informative… all of my girlfriends could totally use this information. But I think they’d prefer it in a workshop format vs a classroom setting.”

I had always thought about offering my services to women’s book clubs — it brings together a fun group of people, they need book ideas, and unlike discussing the plotlines of 50 Shades of Grey, my book could actually increase their income. It was the perfect demo, since statistically women negotiation up to 9X less often as men.

We adjusted the plan slightly and decided to do a brunch, and I even offered to cook.
(View details of our first event here and video below)

In the Salary Salon format, you will:
– Begin with an overview of the importance of negotiation
– Learn what to say and when to say it
– Discover the two simple – but vital – questions you need to answer for success
– Harness your social media network to gather valuable information
– Master successful FBI negotiation techniques to your advantage
– Use Jim’s “Right back at Ya” Method to regain control of an interview
– Get feedback from others in the group during an interactive workshop format
– Network with great people, drink wine, have fun, and make new friends

You should:
– Come prepared with your own questions, tips, and stories to share with the group
– Be ready to discuss negotiation topics, as well as issues like work/life balance, determining your rate for freelancing, and career goals
– Bring a notebook and pen to take notes

While my signature brunch dish was delicious, cooking for 10 was a little bit daunting and we got a late start. So moving forward, the format might be better suited for an evening wine and cheese tasting.

How to Host a Salary Salon and How Much Does it Cost?:
– Gather a group of friends that want to have a fun get-together and also learn negotiation skills that will help them earn more money
– Work with Jim to choose a location and date that will work for the group
– The cost of each attendee is $25-$50 per person, depending on supplies below
* Quantity and quality of wine
* Amount and type of food (cheese, fruit, meals, etc)
* If each attendee would like a copy of the book
* Premium Salary Negotiation templates (in Photoshop and Excel format) included
Contact Jim to discuss hosting details

About Jim
Jim is the author of the book “Salary Tutor: Learn the Salary Negotiation Secrets No One Ever Taught You,” which has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, New York Post, and Forbes. Based on his own experiences in the working world, it uses an easy-to-follow storytelling approach — along with case studies, illustrations, and just the right touch of humor – to help people get paid what they deserve.

He writes for,, and other business websites, speaks on the topic of salary negotiation, and teaches an in-depth class on salary negotiation skills.