(Photo by Jim Hopkinson)

I Believe…

  • that the success of a single client leads to a ripple effect in the world … When someone is doing something they truly love AND are paid well for it, that leads to lower stress, better health, more fulfillment, and leading a more meaningful life, which then extends to coworkers, friends, and family.
  • that increased knowledge leads to increased confidence … I see a direct correlation between doing the research, putting in the work, and practicing a successful outcome, vs. the success of a negotiation.

  • do-the-research
    (Photo by Jim Hopkinson)

  • that the workplace is rapidly changing … The future of work will most certainly not be filled with drones of 9-to-5 cubicle dwellers, rationing 2 weeks vacation until retirement. I’m inspired by coworking, flexible schedules, and meaningful work.
  • in the three levels of happiness … That as you progress in your career, you experience the Pleasure in what you do, then Passion and engagement, and finally a Purpose and desire to give back.

  • zappos-happiness

  • in always coming from a place of honesty … I never encourage clients to lie, inflate success, or be deceitful, but rather come from a genuine place of knowing your worth and presenting that in a compelling way.
  • in the end, it’s not about money … The true value of a fulfilling career encompasses so many things: salary, a title that shows respect, working with people that inspire you, having a manager that supports you, a stress-free commute, proper work/life balance, and most importantly, finding your craft and loving what you do.

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    (Img by Adam Marelli, with Jim Hopkinson, Helen Todd, Jey Van Sharp)