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Yahoo Finance: Silence Is Golden: How to Negotiate a Better Salary
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Jim Hopkinson of Salary Tutor on Yahoo Finance

Wall Street Journal ( How to Negotiate Your Salary Like an FBI Agent
Wall Street Journal ( Live Chat: Salary Negotiation Tips
Wall Street Journal ( Is it Time to Ask for a Raise? Negotiating Salary in a Bad Economy
Huffington Post: 9 Things NEVER To Say When Asking For A Raise
Chicago Tribune: When it’s less pay or no pay (Money Talking)
Real Simple Magazine (Print & online): Jan 2013 issue, How to get a fair salary
NY Post (Print & online): Money, a promotion, or recognition: You need to know how to ask Getting your Moneys’ Worth: Salary Negotiation Tips for Employers
Men’s Health: 5 Steps to Landing a Huge Raise
Tech Republic: The interview and answering the no-win question

Metro Newspapers: How To Negotiate Your Salary
NW Jobs: Answering the unanswerable salary question
Modesto Bee: WorkWise BlogTip: Artfully dodge salary negotiation (Northwest Indiana): Artful Dodging
When I Grow Up Coach by Michelle Ward: Salary Tutor: A Rousing Review Interview with “Salary Tutor” Author Jim Hopkinson
Savvy Sugar/Yahoo Shine: 7 Tips to Negotiating the Raise You Deserve 5 Ways To Get A Pay Raise
NY Creative Interns: Earn What You’re Worth: Salary Negotiation Techniques

21st Century Business Review – The Wall St Journal of China:
Negotiating your way through a recession
Things to do now to get paid later
New Media Jobs Demand New Media Skills
You’ve been laid off: What to do in the first 60 minutes
The end of work/life balance?
Salary Tutor Introduction
Make More Money: The 6 Stages of Salary Negotiation
Levo League “Office Hours” Live Chat
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Smart People Podcast: Jim interviewed on Episode 17
Six Pixels of Separation Podcast with Mitch Joel: Get a better salary
Internet Business Mastery Podcast: Reader Breakthrough (33:15 mark)
Internet Business Mastery Podcast: Short Stories About Big Transformations (18:40 mark)
The Gregg Greenberg’s “The Real Story” Podcast (21:00 mark)
The Productivity Maven Podcast with Tara Rodden: Getting Things Done Group
The Creative Penn Podcast: Getting A Publishing Deal From Your Online Platform


KKZZ-AM, Ventura, CA: Coach Ron Turnick
WLW-AM, Cincinnati: Doc Thompson
WTBQ-AM, New Jersey: Rich Ball
KURV-AM, Corpus Christi, TX: Sergio Sanchez
WJMF-FM, Smithfield, RI: Katie Colton (Bryant University)


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Lifehacker: Salary Science Infographic Tells You When to Negotiate for a Raise
Daily Infographic: Negotiation Station
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