Did you know half of all workers did not negotiate their last salary?
Whether it's asking for a raise or promotion because you feel underpaid, or getting an offer for your dream job, negotiating your salary is a valuable career skill that will let you get paid what you're worth.
This class will answer these common questions:
-   “How do I find out what I’m worth?”
-   “If I negotiate salary, won't they get mad and withdraw the offer?”
-   “If I get anxious or nervous, how will I know what to say?”
-   "What are some ways I can prove my worth if they push back at me?"
-   "How can I be more confident in asking for what I'm worth?"

Each concise, value-packed e-mail contains a mix of negotiation secrets, actionable tips, supporting data, and entertaining video and case studies.

Here's what you'll learn in 7 days:

  • [Class 1] Earning more starts with a negotiation mindset
  • [Class 2] How much am I worth?
  • [Class 3] To earn more money, bring these documents to your interview (Hint: it’s not your resume)
  • [Class 4] What to say when asked for your salary requirements
  • [Class 5] Negotiation phrases that pay
  • [Class 6] Will you back down first in this negotiation showdown?
  • [Class 7] The Aha moment of Salary Negotiation Success
Surprise Bonuses:
(If I told you what they are, they wouldn't be a surprise).

About Jim Hopkinson:

Jim Hopkinson is the author of "Salary Tutor: Learn the Salary Negotiation Secrets No One Ever Taught You." He writes for Salary.com, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Real Simple Magazine.
Through his website SalaryTutor.com, he helps ambitious professionals research their worth, gain confidence, and learn exactly what to say in order to earn what they deserve.